Controlling physical access to your premises has moved beyond simple lock and key. The need to easily monitor and quickly control access to facilities demands technology driven solutions. NEI can provide you with a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business or campus.

Security systems and access control systems are not the same things. An access control system controls who can access a company’s physical assets at any given time according to the unique needs and specifications of each business or facility in which it is installed.

An access control system can provide a safer environment for your visitors and employees. They
deserve a safe environment in which to shop, do business, or work. An access control system can be designed and installed to secure and limit access to sensitive areas. It can also be used for other reasons including securing and restrict access to sensitive areas.

Protect and Control Access to Sensitive Areas

Facility entrance and exit doors, parking lots, and even sensitive areas of a building’s interior including data centers, employee-only areas, and inventory storage areas can be secured and monitored by requiring the use of ID cards, electronic keys, and/or biometric identification.

Which businesses can benefit from Access Control Solutions?

Almost any business can benefit from access control, but it can be especially useful to the following kinds of businesses:

As adherence to HIPPA policies and data privacy are huge concerns for any medical practitioner health care facilities are prime candidates for an access control system.

Small businesses don’t often have the ability to provide more than a receptionist. At a very affordable small business price, Access control can provide big company level security.

Retail shops need to protect physical assets and secure employee-only areas. They have a responsibility to also protect sensitive customer data and financial information.

If your business is based within a multi-tenant building it makes sense to ensure, via access control systems that only your customers, visitors, and employees have access to your offices and the assets contained there.

Wondering if your business could benefit from better access control? Get in touch with us today and we will discuss your unique situation to help you decide.

NEI Datacom installs DSX and CBORD security control systems.

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