Business Phone Systems

VOIP Services are no longer an extravagance. VOIP is a staple in the office and it’s a critical component of disaster recovery and working remotely. NEI can provide you a no contract quote that will fit the needs of your business or campus.

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At NEI we put our reputation on the line with every data line we install. We specialize in neat clean and timely installs. NEI will meet your network cabling needs from as small as running a single data drop to planning and executing complete infrastructure installs during new construction or as part of a renovation/upgrade project.

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The safety of your office, factory or warehouse is paramount. Let NEI install, maintain or repair your Fire and Security alarms and have peace of mind that your system is being taken care of by a professional and certified staff.

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Our team of surveillance experts will design and deploy your system using industry-leading hardware and software. Artificial intelligence will optimize the flow of people, manage vehicle parking, and alert your team to threats by detecting weapons, conflict, loitering, and aggressive behavior.

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Overhead paging systems range in all sizes. NEI can install a turnkey paging system for all your needs from large warehouses, office complex and educational environments.

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Controlling physical access to your premises has moved beyond simple lock and key. The need to easily monitor and quickly control access to facilities demands technology driven solutions. NEI can provide you with a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business or campus.

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At NEI Datacom, we can provide services above and beyond your basic cabling needs. We have all of the specialized tools and vehicles to tackle even the toughest outdoor and physical plant jobs. From splicing trailers to bucket lifts, we have got tools on hand and readily available that other contractors often need to rent.

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